Academic standards at Queen Ethelburga’s are exceptionally high and lead to outstanding results. Our flexible curriculum, innovative and dynamic teaching, excellent facilities and professional staff ensure all students have the maximum chance of success in their studies. 
We employ a highly trained graduate staff, with the relevant academic, teaching and professional qualifications, and we invest in their continued professional development. Our teaching, boarding and co-curricular staff work closely with each other so that students can benefit from their combined knowledge and skills. Our staff are truly dedicated and hard-working, determined to do their very best for the students in their care. 
Lessons at QE employ a variety of different teaching styles and techniques, as our teachers recognise the varying needs and learning approaches of our students. With an emphasis on enjoyment, love of learning and an aspirational approach to gaining qualifications and skills, our teachers and students work in partnership to maximise success in the classroom.  
Close links between teaching staff and our Co-Curricular team allow students to develop their love of a subject by taking part in practical activities, residential trips and charitable endeavours, in order to understand the application of the skills they have learnt in real life.  
Students requiring additional support gain one to one guidance from their teachers in subject clinics, offered every day at lunchtimes and after school, and from our Learning Development and Mentor teams. Homework supplements the learning that takes place in the classroom, set each day this supports students in consolidating their knowledge of the topics learned to date, as well as preparing them with prior knowledge for their forthcoming lessons.   
It goes without saying that our teaching and learning provision leads to excellent academic outcomes, but we believe that our approach nurtures something just as important; the personal and social skills that our students will benefit from for the rest of their lives.