University Destinations

At Queen Ethelburga’s, Sixth Form students are supported and pushed to have a competitive edge when applying for university places.  

The Careers Department prepares students from an early age for applying to university through the QE Futures Programme. Students are supplied with a comprehensive application programme that includes interview practice, admission test preparation and small group meetings to maximise students’ chance of admission.

Students applying for Oxbridge will also receive additional support with the Early Applicant Programme, including subject-specific experienced consultants..

In addition, students aspiring to be in medicine have specific weekly sessions covering university teaching styles, applying for work experience and preparation for the BMAT and UKCAT examinations.

To help students have a competitive edge when applying, one period every week is dedicated to an additional super-curriculum option, General Studies or an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification).

A Level & BTEC options are tailored to suit specific subject or career paths. 

1:1 support from the Careers department that includes tutoring from experienced consultants.


Students continued their studies at UCL (University College London) in 2023.

University Destinations and Subjects

Note: repeated subjects have not been listed.