Student Support

We offer support for a huge range of concerns and worries, including, building self-esteem, exam stress, adjusting to change, home sickness, coping with a loss or bereavement, staying safe online, and help students to acquire the skills to overcome any difficulties in their life. 

Support can be provided on a one-to-one basis or through workshops which are offered as part of our Wellbeing Sessions provision. The programme aims to ensure students at QE are happy and healthy.

Students are encouraged to speak to any member of staff that they feel comfortable with or trust. The Pastoral Care Team are always available to students but they may also wish to speak to their Form Tutor, House Parent, or Head of Year. There is also an Independent Listener and School Counsellor. Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is Miss Papaglimis.

To support students and equip them with essential life skills, we aim to deliver a robust, responsive mental health programme to promote awareness and understanding about mental health while at the same time offering practical advice and guidance about a range of mental health issues.

Wellbeing Sessions offer opportunities for students to talk about mental health either in scheduled group sessions or on a one to one basis.

Within the academic curriculum there are also bespoke lessons about mental health issues which are explored in personal development. In addition, assemblies, lesson starters, tutor activities, workshops and Q&A sessions are delivered in response to students’ needs.  In this way, pastoral, safeguarding, boarding and academic teams successfully support each other in a co-ordinated approach to learning about the importance of mental health.