Boarding School in York Celebrates Award Win for Innovative Approach

Boarding School in York Celebrates Award Win for Innovative Approach to Boarding

Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate, a boarding school in York, is celebrating, as the BSA awards the school the Boarding Innovation Award.

The BSA Supporting Excellence Awards began in 2018 to celebrate boarding schools. Each year, BSA awards schools for their achievements, hard work and outstanding innovation to deliver better boarding.

An App to Fix Administration Issues

Boarding school in York celebrate winning the award.

This year, a Houseparent from QE has designed and created a "Houseparent Assistant" App. The Houseparent wanted to overcome the administrative demands of working in an extensive boarding school. The app integrates the school database system with Microsoft Teams and the school's House Monitoring data tracking system run through the Microsoft Power Platform.  It stores all data, including photos, exclusively on the school server, fully complying with the School's Data Protection Policy. The different modules make every aspect of administration in a residential setting easier, paperless and quicker.

Principal of Boarding School in York Celebrates

Daniel Machin, Principal of Queen Ethelburga’s, said

"We were very proud that the BSA Supporting Excellence Awards recognised our fantastic boarding team for their outstanding hard work. At QE, innovation has and always will be crucial, as we continue to ensure that the quality of care we offer our students meets their evolving needs. Our boarding students in York benefit from exemplary facilities, exceptional care and invaluable opportunities.

Also, I'd like to congratulate Guy Emmett and the Scarborough College team for their success at the awards. as we all play our part in representing independent schools in the North of England! Thank you so much to the Boarding Schools' Association for a fantastic conference this year and all your support."

The Team Celebrates Together

Lauren Blakeley, Head of Boarding, said

"Our Houseparent App has transformed the job of Houseparent here at QE. It allows more time to be spent with the students, which is vitally important.  A truly unique innovation and has already had a significant impact on the Houseparents, and therefore the students, in all of our boarding houses."

The judges said:

“The winner of this award has taken the concept of a boarding ‘app’ and has adapted it very effectively in a bespoke manner to cover a wide range of areas to assist with the management of the boarding house. The presentation video was also a very effective way of communicating the message!”

QE was also a finalist in two other categories: Supporting Junior Boarders Award, and the Most Original Activity During National Boarding Week Award.

Contact Queen Ethelburga's Admissions team to find out more about the boarding school in York. Alternatively, you can visit the school's website