Head's Welcome

Queen Ethelburga’s College offers a focused and dynamic academic curriculum. Students follow a traditional GCSE or A level pathway alongside an exciting range of super-curricular and enrichment options. Our students are provided with an excellent preparation for higher education and future careers, are encouraged.

Head of the College,
Kevin Oldershaw

The College welcomes students from Years 10 to 13.
College students are expected to be strongly self-motivated and have a pro-active approach to their studies. Students in the College have the academic ability to succeed in the traditional, challenging subjects provided. They are well supported by academic and pastoral staff and take responsibility for their own learning.

Our students are highly aspirational, aiming for the highest grades in all of their subjects, and challenging themselves to apply to the best universities. Students go on to study a wide range of courses at prestigious universities in the UK and beyond, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London and those in the Russell Group.

Life in the College is demanding, yet exceptionally rewarding, for those students who are determined to rise to the challeng. Enrichment options allow students to broaden and deepen their knowledge in areas of interest and give a challenging and stimulating experience. Some of these lead to additional qualification such as the Extended Project Qualifications, highly prized by universities and helping to build on students’ independence and research skills.

Students in Years 12 and 13 can benefit from super-curricular courses, in subjects such as medicine and law, to extend them beyond the curriculum and develop a greater knowledge of, and interest in, fascinating and rewarding subject areas.

Benefiting from excellent teaching and facilities, students are able to achieve outstanding results, whilst taking full advantage of all the opportunities that you would expect in a day and boarding school, including a huge range of music, drama, sporting and co-curricular activities. Students also have many opportunities to develop and demonstrate leadership skills and contribute to the community, with roles as Prefects, Peer Mentors and as members of the various school councils.

The College is a diverse community made up of students from all walks of life. It is fully representative of the world today and helps to create a stimulating and enjoyable community in which they can thrive.

Explore Our School

Explore Our School

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As soon as you arrive with us you sense that, compared with other schools, here is somewhere special, friendly and pleasingly different. Our campus is exceptional.