What are Vivos?

Vivos is an electronic reward system that are earned like House Points. Vivos are added to the House total and can also be collected by each student to allow them to select prizes from the Vivo catalogue. For example, every time you arrive at lessons and prep on time; in correct uniform, with your planner and equipment and ready to follow the LEARN contract, you will be awarded Vivos. Automatic Vivo’s will also be rewarded to Prefects, Peer Mentors, Peer Leaders and Buddy’s in appreciation for fulfilling their duties, as well as to those students with great attendance.

How Are We Given Vivos?

Your Teacher, House Tutor or any member of staff could enter Vivos electronically to your Vivo account, give you Vivo stickers which you collect in your planner, or you may be given a Vivo voucher which you input onto your account yourself.

How Can I Monitor My Vivo Total?

You will have an account which links to your Vivo Reward Card. You can access this account from any computer, tablet or phone by logging onto Download the app now!

Once you reach a set amount of Vivos you will receive a physical reward card;

  • Earn 1500 Vivos and receive a Bronze Vivo card.
  • Earn 3000, and receive a Silver Vivo card, earn 5000
  • and receive a Gold Vivo card. Each card entitles you to more rewards.

The relevant coloured badge will help you show off your achievement as well as being presented with a certificate in assembly and a letter home to tell your parents/guardians of your most recent success. Which one is your next milestone?

What Can I Spend My Vivos On?

* Extended social time

* Queue jumping at lunch time

* V.I.P treatment at socials

* Sports equipment

* Charity donations

* And much, much more – with great rewards for day students and boarders, take a look online in the Vivo shop!, there’s something for everyone.

Reward Weeks

Take advantage of the booster weeks where you can earn double Vivos at different times throughout the year, or save up for an online shopping trip with a half price sale at the Vivo shop.

Don’t forget there are whole school reward weeks throughout the year which all students who have made an effort during the term will enjoy.

Rewards weeks may include things such as:

  • A party or social event
  • No prep
  • Non-uniform day
  • Late start in the morning
  • Special snacks

Make sure you are always ‘Ready to LEARN for life’ so that you can enjoy this year’s rewards!