THRIVE@QE Sessions

Identity: where do I fit?

Take some time to think about your identities - this includes all the things that make up you as a person. This session particularly aims to provide students with the opportunity to talk about gender and sexual identity.

International support

Learn about different cultures and come together to support each other as international students.


Learn to work together to develop your teambuilding skills, and have some fun along the way.


KIT club

‘Keeping in Touch’ for QE’s Forces community.


Tea and talk

Chat with others over a cup of tea. It could make more difference to your emotional health than you realise.


Kitchen garden

Attending to the vegetable patch and taking a moment of calm. You may also wish to meet the resident chickens there.


Feeling good about you

Building confidence and self-esteem. Having the confidence to achieve whatever you would like to and feeling good about being you.


KM chillout

Spend some calm time playing games, taking part in activities or quietly reading a book.


Chapter House yoga

Breathing, playing games, balancing and posing, Chapter House yoga helps spread calm, is lots of fun and teaches different techniques to try out for yourselves at home.


Mindfulness & relaxation techniques

Mindfulness techniques and other methods of relaxation.


Meditation in the reflection room

Take a few minutes out of your day to take part in some guided meditation in the reflection room.


Happiness is...

What does happiness mean to you? Learn to be honest with yourself, and think more positively.


Faith perspective

Speak with The Chaplain about anything that’s on your mind.


Study skills & exam stress

Learn study skills and useful tips and techniques to help you cope with exams.


Conduct yourself correctly

Support in improving behaviour and being the best that you can be so that you can fulfil your potential.


Food for thought

A passion for food? Positive discussion and activities around topics ranging from healthy eating, seasonal produce, favourite family recipes and foods from around the world…..there may even be tasty treats on offer!


Bounce back

Had a setback or have things not being going so well recently? This session is all about overcoming these difficulties and having the motivation to move forward with a positive mindset.


Wellbeing & the web

Support in staying safe online and managing the digital world. If you have a concern then drop-in for help and support.


Dealing with anger

Learning to regulate emotions and developing strategies to deal with emotions positively.


Up for discussion

A chance to discuss recent news stories and any related concerns or worries.



All sorts of activities and games arranged to help you learn to look after yourselves and each other. Classes visit each week and connect with each other and our friendly Buddies and Peer Leaders.


Peer Mentor support drop-in

Could you do with a chat or need someone to just listen to you? This is a chance to drop in and have a chat with a Peer Mentor in the welfare area.


Girl talk

Learn the skills to resolve and deal with issues surrounding friendships.