Forces Parents and Children

As the preferred school for Forces families in the UK, we currently have over 300 Forces such students boarding with us.


We welcome boarders from Year 3 onwards and pride ourselves on our wrap-around specialist support for our Forces students and their families. We understand the importance of providing a secure and supportive home from home for students whose parents may need to travel or live abroad for work. We strive to create the right learning and living environment in which every one of our students can thrive.


Supporting our Forces students

At QE we have an excellent pastoral team who run our THRIVE@QE programme, ensuring that our student’s mental health and resilience is a priority. The team are available for students at any time of day or night. There is a dedicated area in the school where THRIVE activities take place and students can go for help and support. We have two specialist Forces liaison officers, a keeping in touch club for our students and support clinics. In these sessions, staff help students to contact parents who may be deployed abroad, chat about issues that are important to them and anything else that they might need help and support with. We also run a ‘buddy’ system between students and have Peer Mentors in the Sixth Form, who are very happy to chat to our younger students and offer their support.


Boarding facilities at QE support easy and direct communication with student’s families, with direct phone lines in each room. In addition, we do not have specific "exeat" weekends and parents are able to let their children have any weekends away from school to enable their children to visit relatives or friends.


Points of contact 

Both Mr Howard and Mrs Hunter-white serve as our specialist Forces liaison officers and can be contacted directly on the email addresses below for any specific questions you might have about Forces support at QE. 

Mr Howard-

Mrs Hunter-white-


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Remembrance Day 2020 

Mr Howard along with some of our students created these beautiful displays in the Pastoral Care area to mark Remembrance Day this year.