Upper Collegiate Boarding

Mr R Hay – Head of Boarding – Upper Collegiate & Fire Officer

To become a member of our vibrant Sixth Form is an exciting transition. We envisage that every pupil will relish the opportunities in front of them to make new friends and try new experiences. In joining boarding in our Sixth Form, our pupils will become part of a strong community, where participation and success on a range of fronts are highly valued. Whether we have talented actors, musicians, artists, debaters, an academic, some combination of all of these or someone whose range of talents are yet to be found, every pupil will find their niche in Court Apartments. Boarding in Sixth Form has a strong community atmosphere, but one where we encourage each individual to foster their unique qualities.

QE offers a generous range of options in the Sixth Form, as well as preparing pupils for life at university and beyond. During these two years an increasingly adult approach is taken, both in the classroom and towards extra-curricular activities encouraging students to take an independent approach and prepare them for the challenges beyond QE. Our Sixth Former students are role models and we expect them to demonstrate responsibility, both in their academic and personal lives.

We believe it is equally important that our students continue to broaden their horizons through outside interests, and to extend their ambitions so that they become the self-assured, articulate and motivated individuals for which QE is renowned. We support students in all areas of interest and work with them to ensure that they reach their potential in all areas of their lives.

There are many opportunities for our Sixth Form students to lead and support our younger boarders. Whether this is through becoming a House Prefect, conducting regular duties to support staff, becoming a Peer Mentor, participating in sports with the juniors or helping younger pupils with their Prep, our Sixth Form students contribute a huge amount to the Collegiate Community.