Students take the prestigious top spots in the QE Foundation Essay Competition 

The winners have been announced for the 21/22 QE Foundation Essay Competition.   

Dominic H took the top spot for KS5, followed by Hayley L in 2nd place and Shen Jie Y in 3rd place.  

Dominic’s essay examined ‘How can mining cryptocurrency be harmful for the environment?’, whilst Hayley took a deeper look at ‘Removing statues of historical figures is to ‘lie about our history’, right or wrong?’. Shen Jie explored a highly topical issue assessing ‘Have statistics been used to benefit or mislead the public during the COVID-19 pandemic?’ 


The students taking the top spots for the KS4 competition made QE history, by competing in the first year of the competition. ‘Time and Place’ was the theme of the KS4 Foundation Essay and the students had to devise their own titles around this. 

The winning KS4 students and their essay titles were: 

1st place: Acelya K - ‘The Horrifying Truth Behind Reality TV - Should people be placed in an unreal environment for our entertainment?’ 

2nd place:  Marianne D - ‘At what age do we officially mature?’ 

Joint 3rd place:  

Arina M - ‘The 30th July: could it bring more awareness to human trafficking?’  

Rubina M - ‘Is time-travel portrayed in media realistic?’ 

The judges said that it was fascinating reading the opinions of the students on controversial current affairs and wanted to commend everybody for their efforts. They found it very difficult to choose between them, with all of the essays demonstrating knowledge and application 

Looking ahead to next year, KS5 Head Judge, Jackie Hales gave away some helpful tips for those already thinking of entering: 

  • What differentiates the essays is often the level of sophistication in vocabulary and sentence structure. It's worth trying to stretch the vocabulary and to use some literary devices. 

  • It will also make a good impression if there is a bibliography as evidence of research.  

  • Above all, be an individual, and don't trot out what someone has taught you! I want YOUR thoughts and opinions as the adults of tomorrow.  They matter. 

Congratulations to our very worthy winners!