Life as a Boarder

Boarding at QE means facilities which support our students development and provide a safe and productive environment, allowing them to thrive.

Common rooms are provided for all boarders, so that students can get together and socialise. All boarding bedrooms are air-conditioned and have private en-suite bathrooms with a toilet and shower. 


Dedicated pastoral areas on campus are accessible for students throughout the day and well into the evening, supervised by pastoral staff. Here students can come and meet a Peer Mentor or Buddy, chat to staff and help with anything they might need.  


Student have access to fantastic sports facilities which encourage them to maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage their own fitness with the support of gym staff, teachers and coaches. 

Our life-long learning programme supports our boarding students with invaluable skills for future life, and our dedicated boarding team understand that the soft skills they promote outside the classroom are every bit as valuable as the academic skills gained during the school day.