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All of Queen Ethelburga’s students follow a sports programme with the values of fair play, honesty and determination at its heart. Our motto of ‘be the best that I can, with the gifts that I have’ is never more evident than through the work we do as TEAM QE.

Sports Facilities

The outstanding range of high quality facilities on campus enables us to deliver the wide range of sporting activities that we have on offer so successfully.

The QE offer is unique, in that we have a dedicated Sports Village, completed in 2016, to which all students have access to inside and outside of formal school hours.  

The Village is home to a 25-metre swimming pool, triple court sports hall, 100 station fitness suite and free weights centre. Outside we have a four-lane synthetic cushioned running track and over 30 acres of grass and 3G artificial pitches. We also have a number of specialist studios used for; martial arts, wrestling, dance, gymnastics, table tennis, cycling, archery, fencing and boxing.  

In addition to all this, the students can make use of an eight-metre climbing wall at the campus activity centre, which also houses an assault course, BMX track and additional tennis courts. There really is something for everyone and for all abilities.

Physical Education

All Queen Ethelburga’s students follow a sports programme designed to stimulate the values of fair play, honesty, determination and application through a wide variety of pursuits.  

Health and fitness is a vital part of school life for QE students with many continuing with sport and exercise, either recreationally or as a route of study, through to their chosen university or career pathway.

There are a wide range of sports and activities available including: rugby, hockey, football, netball, cricket, swimming, basketball, rounders, tennis, fencing, dance, gymnastics, trampolining, archery, cross country, badminton, and volleyball.  

The facilities on campus are outstanding, with the recent development of our dedicated Sports Village, to which all students have additional access outside of formal school hours. Staff cater for all abilities and encourage each student to enjoy all the fantastic opportunities on offer during their time at QE. 

Performance Sports

There are eight performance sports at Queen Ethelburga's; Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Netball, Rugby and Swimming. These sports benefit from higher coaching expertise, the opportunity to compete at a good level across different age ranges and the option to partake in Professional Sport Programmes.

Specialist high-level coaching, as part of a Performance Sports Programme, is provided for those students wishing to pursue their chosen sport and represent for that sport at county level or above.

Sports options in the programme include; athletics, basketball, cricket, football, rugby, netball, hockey and swimming.  Each students' Programme follows a unique scheme of work including the latest tactical, technical, physical and mental training. They are designed with individual talent development as the key component and present opportunities for students to develop their skills through to UK and international competition.  

Our Sports Science Centre, provides students with a movement analysis testing and monitoring facility, together with equipment designed for assessing a broad range of health and fitness indicators. To help the rehabilitation and post training recovery of our students, we also have our Sports Treatment Centre where we use tools such as our on-site underwater treadmills and cryotherapy cold spa baths.  

Importantly, all our Performance Sport students are enrolled within The Faculty, where the flexibility of the curriculum allows them to combine their sporting programme with a range of options in GCSE, A level and BTEC courses in both Key Stages 4 and 5. This enables them to maintain a well-rounded education whilst pursuing their passion. They also have access to a strong network of pastoral and academic support including Tutors, Heads of Year, and Academic Learning Mentors.  

Students are taught responsibility, resilience and leadership skills, and challenged to achieve at the highest level at all times.

Sports Opportunities

York Knights Basketball
Rugby Sports Programme at QE
Athletics Race at QE
Rugby Kick  at QE
Hockey Training at QE
Cricket at QE
Athletics at Queen Ethelburga's College
Luke Receives his ISFA Football Cap
Chapter House Enjoy ISA Cross Country
QE Football Captain Receives ISFA Trophy
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Some thoughts from our TEAM QE alumni...

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My greatest highlight at QE has been participating in the Sport Elite Programme for hockey. Since beginning the program in Year 10, I quickly progressed from playing 3rd team hockey at Leeds Hockey Club to playing in the 1st team. Now post-QE, I have continued to play a high level of hockey at the University of Nottingham.

The hockey coaches went out of their way to introduce us to new skills and to clarify tactics and formations. Unlike other schools and sports clubs, QE’s coaching staff was supportive of both my sporting and academic pursuits, valuing not only the player but the individual.

Particularly during my final year, I really appreciated the efforts both the academic and coaching staff went to in order to help me balance my time effectively. Moreover, the support I had available to me, not only with regards to my rugby development and academics but also in terms of pastoral care, made sure that my two years at QE were the very best that they could have possibly been.

My two years at QE were two of the best years of my school career. I got the opportunity to have a taste of what it was like to train as a full-time athlete, while completing my A-levels in one of the best schools in the area. 

I developed my hockey skills massively with the help of two fantastic coaches. Not only were they coaches, but they were also friends who supported you on and off the pitch.

QE helped me get to my chosen university and helped me push my hockey to a higher level. 

The QE experience is not something you find easily. It has a perfect balance of high standard academics and high standard sport which is exactly what I was looking for after being released by York City Football Club. Deciding to go to QE was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I would not be where I am today if it was not for everyone at QE.

The standard of coaching is in a different class. Mr Bolland and Mr Newey always pushed us to be the best players we could, whilst also always believing in us, giving us support when needed, and having a great time along the way too. 

QE has made it possible for me to realise my potential and I will forever be thankful for the place.

Moving to QE really helped me push on towards my goal of playing full time professional rugby. Mr Rawlinson and the rest of the coaching staff, along with the first-class facilities, enabled the SEP programme to work at a very high level, pushing our performance up week by week.