Performance Sports Programme

Specialist high-level coaching, as part of a Performance Sports Programme, is provided for those students wishing to pursue their chosen sport and represent for that sport at county level or above.

Sports options in the programme include; athletics, basketball, cricket, football, rugby, netball, hockey and swimming.  Each students' Programme follows a unique scheme of work including the latest tactical, technical, physical and mental training. They are designed with individual talent development as the key component and present opportunities for students to develop their skills through to UK and international competition.  

Our Sports Science Centre, provides students with a movement analysis testing and monitoring facility, together with equipment designed for assessing a broad range of health and fitness indicators. To help the rehabilitation and post training recovery of our students, we also have our Sports Treatment Centre where we use tools such as our on-site underwater treadmills and cryotherapy cold spa baths.  

Importantly, all our Performance Sport students are enrolled within The Faculty, where the flexibility of the curriculum allows them to combine their sporting programme with a range of options in GCSE, A level and BTEC courses in both Key Stages 4 and 5. This enables them to maintain a well-rounded education whilst pursuing their passion. They also have access to a strong network of pastoral and academic support including Tutors, Heads of Year, and Academic Learning Mentors.  

Students are taught responsibility, resilience and leadership skills, and challenged to achieve at the highest level at all times.

York Knights Basketball
Rugby Sports Programme at QE
Athletics Race at QE
Rugby Kick  at QE
Hockey Training at QE
Cricket at QE
Athletics at Queen Ethelburga's College