Teaching and Learning

The aim of QE teaching and learning is to ensure that teaching, learning and outcomes for our students are excellent.

What We Do

Teaching and Learning Groups

How Can You Support Your Child?

  • Ask your child questions about “LEARN”. What does it mean to them and the Collegiate Community?
  • If your child receives a reward related to their learning, praise and encourage their achievement.

  • If your child receives a sanction during learning activities, discuss the event with them and relate it to  “LEARN”. Ask them what they have learnt from the incident and how they can prevent it from happening again, moving on to progress their learning further.

Our Teaching and Learning Team

Victoria Allen at QE
Zoe Baldry

Ms Victoria Allen

Ms Zoe Baldry

Ms Katie Lund

Communication and
Parental Engagement


Peer Observation and
Learning to Learn


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Ms Sarah Durston

Mr Kris Horton

Ms Faye Hardcastle

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