Careers Education

Students at Queen Ethelburga’s engage in different activities to help to Introduce, Inspire, Reinforce and Prepare them for their future. 

Lessons are delivered at an age-appropriate level to ensure understanding and growth of knowledge as they progress through their career journey.

KS2 - Introduce 
During Key Stage 2 students have lessons based around ‘Career Possibilities’. They look at the career choices of famous people, consider their own likes and dislikes and are encouraged to think about possible career options that might interest them. KS3 - Inspire 

KS3 - Inspire
During Key Stage 3 we hope to ‘Inspire’ students to take their first steps towards their current career choices. They consider the skills and aptitudes required in different careers and begin to look at the subject choices they will need to make in the next stages of their education.

KS4 - Reinforce 
In Years 10 and 11, careers lessons reinforce those from previous years, allowing students to explore their choices in more detail and begin to more closely understand their interests and abilities. Lessons support them with the subject choices they will need to make in Key Stage 5.

KS5 - Prepare 
As students begin their final years in general education, we offer a great deal of support in a comprehensive careers education programme, providing them with large amounts of information about the options available to them. We help to prepare them to make informed choices that reflect their academic and pastoral abilities to ensure they aspire to reach their goals.