Our Historic Houses

Our Collegiate is named after Queen Ethelburga, a Kentish princess largely responsible for the introduction of Christianity to Northumbria. Our Houses are named in her memory. 



Cantwara is the old English name for the Kingdom of Kent, with its capital at Cantwara Burg - now called Canterbury. Ethelburga was the daughter of the King of Cantwara, and she returned there after the death of her husband.

The house colour is blue, and the crest is the White Horse of Kent on a blue background. 


Eoforwic is the old English name for York, at that time the capital of Northumbria. Ethelburga was the second wife of Edwin of Northumbria, and they lived together at Aldby Park near York, before Edwin was killed and Ethelburga fled back to Kent. 

The house colour is orange, and the crest is an eofor (a boar) on an orange background. 


Derwent is the name of a river - in fact, there are four River Derwents in England, but this House is named after the River Derwent that flows past Aldby Park, where Ethelburga gave birth to her first daughter. 

The house colour is green, and the crest is a Derwent Swan on a green background. 


Lyminge was the name of a ruined Roman villa between Canterbury and the coast where Ethelburga founded the first nunnery in England after the death of her husband, and remained there as Abbess for the rest of her life.

The house colour is red, and the crest is a Griffin (half lion, half eagle) on a red background. 

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