Year 5 Blog

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Ancient Greece with Year 5
Julia Conroy

The Yellow Brick Road, Ancient Greece drama workshop was a real highlight this week.

Busy Week for Year 5
Julia Conroy

Year 5 have had a busy week including literacy, practical science, introduction to Spanish and celebrating the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival. 

Y5 Enjoy Yoga
Karen Kilkenny

Year 5 enjoyed a yoga session this week with Miss Blacker, as part of their personal development lessons.

Year 5 Investigates Greek Philosophers
Damian Campbell

After investigating three of the Greek philosophers, Year 5 split into groups to find out more about the philosopher that interested them the most.

Classifying States of Matter
Karen Kilkenny

To introduce our science topic, Materials and their properties, the children used discussion to classify states of matter according to their way they behave.

Solving Tricky Maths Puzzles
Karen Kilkenny

This week, the children were faced with some very tricky puzzles to solve in maths, including this question to ruminate over: COW × COW = DEDCOW.

Creating Lego Mindstorm Models
Karen Kilkenny

There was great team work on display today in Year 5 this week! Creating Lego Mindstorm models as part of the research for their own Moon buggy design.

Learning About Friction and Air Resistance
Karen Kilkenny

To tie in with our ongoing space topic, our scientists in Year 5 took some time to investigate the effects of surface area upon fiction and air resistance.

Mindfulness Textiles
Karen Kilkenny

This week, some of the year group took the opportunity to develop their weaving skills.



Sunshine Science Trail
Karen Kilkenny

We took advantage of the April sunshine to get outdoors for our science trail. 

A Lovely Trip to Jorvik Museum
Karen Kilkenny

Year 5 had a wonderful day in York this week. They enjoyed a morning in the Jorvik museum learning about The Vikings.

QE Hosts Local Netball Tournament
Michelle Hatfield

This afternoon, we welcomed Year 5 and Year 6 students from three local schools to participate in a friendly netball tournament.