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Castle Models
Chapter House

Year Two designed and created castle models in DT.

New Break Time Buddies
Heather Slammon

Well done to Olivia, Beatrice and Isabel who are the new Break-time Buddies in the EYFS and KS1 playground!

Chapter House Pre-Prep Announced as ISA Award Finalist
Karen Kilkenny

We are proud to announce that our Early Years has been shortlisted in the 2019 ISA awards for Excellence and Innovation in Provision.  Thank you to he children, staff and parents for making us ‘outstanding’.

Collecting Adjectives in Nature
Karen Kilkenny

Year 2 have worked extremely hard this week. They began by using their senses to collect adjectives in nature.

Creating a Wheelbarrow
Karen Kilkenny

In our final week, the children researched, designed, created and evaluate a wheelbarrow suitable for a play mobile person.

Design and Describe a Dragon
Karen Kilkenny

The children in Year 2 worked in teams to design and describe a dragon, drawing inspiration from Chris Wormell’s, ‘George and the Dragon’.

Paper Mache Dragon Eggs
Karen Kilkenny

Year 2 created dragon eggs this week during art after being inspired by, ‘George and the Dragon’ by Chris Wormell.

Trip to Harlow Carr
Karen Kilkenny

Following an amazing trip to Harlow Carr where the children identified wild flowers, plants and trees, Year 2 had a wonderful afternoon competing in Sports Day!

Life Cycle of a Sunflower
Karen Kilkenny

Year 2 sequenced and labelled the life cycle of a sunflower during their science lesson this afternoon.

Fun in the Library
Karen Kilkenny

During our weekly library session, the children discussed their favourite authors and recommended books to their friends.

Roald Dahl's 'The Magic Finger'
Katie Parsons

The first week of the summer term was very exciting in Year 2. The children went out into the garden to identify wildlife and plants as well as discussing how seeds grow.

Numeracy Carousel Activities
Karen Kilkenny

This week, the children had lots of fun in numeracy using a variety of the taught skills from the term in a play based carousel of activities.

The Great Garden Street Mosaic
Karen Kilkenny

Key Stage 1 have been busy completing their tile for ‘The Great Garden Street Mosaic’ at the Harrogate Spring Flower Show.

Galapagos Animal Prints
Karen Kilkenny

Year 2 had an exciting week in Topic creating prints of Galapagos animals in the art room and exploring the outdoor learning area in the search of mini beast living in the different microhabitats as their science focus.

Traditional Tales and Charles Darwin Diagrams
Karen Kilkenny

This week, the children have has lots of fun performing traditional tales within their Literacy lesson to the class. They thought carefully about their actions and all used clear voices when performing.

Recognising Emotions
Karen Kilkenny

Within Personal Development, the children have been working hard on recognising emotions in ourselves and in others.

Column Addition Calculations
Karen Kilkenny

This week, the children have worked really hard in their numeracy lessons and have moved their learning forward by completing column addition calculations.

Investigating Polar Regions
Karen Kilkenny

Year 2 began to investigate the weather at the Polar Regions. They began by looking at the wind and wanted to know how we know which way the wind is blowing.

Watercolour Landscapes
Karen Kilkenny

Year 2 started an art project this week using landscape photographs of the estate which they had taken using a digital camera.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Trip
Karen Kilkenny

Key Stage 1 had a fantastic time at ‘The Yorkshire Wildlife Park’ this week. They were all impeccably behaved and learnt lots about food chains during our workshop.

Making New Year Resolutions
Karen Kilkenny

With the start of a new year, the children in Key Stage 1 considered what improvements they would like to make and created their own resolutions.

Visit from BUPA Dental
Karen Kilkenny

The children in KS1 were visited by the Bupa Dental team from Harrogate this week in their Personal Development lesson.

Creating Christmas Baubles
Karen Kilkenny

Year 2 began their Design and Technology project this week. The whole school have been given the task to design, produce and evaluate a Christmas bauble.

Building Writing Skills
Karen Kilkenny

Within literacy, the children have been building up their writing skills ready to produce their own adventure story next week based on ‘The Quest’ by Aaron Beaker.

School Birthday Celebrations
Karen Kilkenny

Key Stage 1 and EYFS had an amazing day celebrating the School Birthday! They all made a party hat and a chocolate lolly before enjoying sticky buns at break time which were delicious.

Estimating and Measuring Volume
Karen Kilkenny

The children worked really hard during their numeracy lesson this week. Their task was to investigate the capacities of different containers.

A Visit to Ripley Castle
Karen Kilkenny

Year 2 had a fantastic morning at Ripley Castle. They identified features of a castle, heard lots of interesting facts about the family who live in the castle and saw some artefacts from historical battles.

Noun Phrases
Karen Kilkenny

The children have worked really hard in literacy this week focusing on developing their descriptive writing techniques by focusing on expanded noun phrases.

Playground Helpers
Karen Kilkenny

The Year 2 Playtime Helpers have been selected for the first term. Congratulations to Zita, Samuel and Sophia!

Returning to Music Lessons
Karen Kilkenny

The children were very excited and enthusiastic when returning from their music lesson this week.

Countries of the United Kingdom
Karen Kilkenny

Within Topic this week, the children have been learning the names of the seven continents and the four countries that collectively make up the United Kingdom.

A Great Start to the Year
Karen Kilkenny

It has been a wonderful first week back in Year 2. The children have been ordering and comparing numbers in numeracy.

Year 2 Highlights from 2017-18
Karen Kilkenny

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Year 2 Highlights from 2016-17
Karen Kilkenny

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