Kindergarten Notices

Parent Information

Copies of all letters/notices can be found on the window as you enter the dining room.

Tapestry: Just a reminder that parents can upload their own observations to Tapestry to contribute to their child’s learning journey. Please speak to your child’s key person if you are unsure of your child’s current next steps.

Contact Details

Please ensure that your contact details are always up-to-date. A lot of our families have moved house recently so if your address, phone number and/or email address have changed since completing your enrolment form, please email with your new contact details.



Signing in and out: Please ensure you sign your child in and out of Kindergarten on arrival and collection each day. The signing in sheet is located on the table as you enter the dining room.

Morning sessions: Please ensure that if your child is booked in for a morning session, they are collected no later than 12:45 pm. If you require drop off between 7:45 and 8:00 am, please remember to write your child’s name on the sheet next to the register.

Afternoon sessions or full day sessions: Please note your child must be collected no later than 6.00 pm, as this is the time Kindergarten closes and staff have personal commitments they need to get to.


Late Fees

Children must be collected by 12:45 pm for morning sessions and by 6:00 pm for afternoon and full day sessions. After these times, the collection is considered as a late collection and may incur late collection fees.

If you are running late at the end of the day, please ensure you contact Kindergarten as soon as possible, preferably via phone on 01423 333665.

If the collection is after 6.05 pm, the staff will arrange to meet you at the Car Park Bus Shelter. Unfortunately we will not be able to give you a full handover of your child’s day in these circumstances.

A fee of £5.00 is chargeable for late pickups (after 6:00 pm) which increases per every 15 minutes of lateness.


Holiday Requests

Please be reminded, any holidays requests require 4 weeks’ notice in order to not be charged. This can be made via email to or on the paper holiday form request sheets.



Nappy cream: Parents are now asked to provide their child’s own nappy cream, this is to stop cross contamination and the spread of infections.

Spare clothes: Please could parents ensure their children have spare clothes in their bags as the children often get messy during the day during meal times or activities and we need to change them.

Pushchair storage: Pushchairs can now be stored in the ‘Buggy Park’ located under the slides.

Name labels: We have had lots of items go missing recently, it is therefore essential that we ask that ALL children’s bags, coats, items of clothing and all personal belongings are labelled with your child’s name.

Lost property: This can be found in the green tub in the corridor, unclaimed items will be binned/sent to charity at the end of each half term!


Illness and Medications

  • Existing injury/illness forms – Please ensure you speak to a member of staff if your child has hurt themselves at home or have had an illness which has required medication or a stay in hospital. You will be asked to complete a form for our records.

• Sickness/ diarrhoea– Parents are advised that should your child become unwell, they are not allowed to return to Kindergarten for 48 hours from their last bout of sickness/ diarrhoea. If your child becomes unwell at Kindergarten, they will be sent home after the first bout of sickness and will not be allowed to return for 48 hours.
• Medication policy– Any children who have been prescribed medication by their GP must have taken their medication for 24 hours before returning to Kindergarten, in case of an allergic reaction.


Cold Weather / Christmas Season

Please can children have suitable clothing to still go outside; hats, gloves, wellies etc. Please can we ask that all items are named.

All Christmas Cards ordered need to be handed in by 13th November unless you order yourself online