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Playing with Dinosaurs
Julia Conroy

The children are really enjoying playing with the dinosaurs at the moment. They are sharing really well. 

Building a Picnic Bench
Katie Parsons

Kindergarten were very excited to build their new picnic bench, we all took it in turns listening extremely well to instructions. We were all very happy with the end result.

First Trip to the Library
Karen Kilkenny

The children have all really enjoyed going to Chapter House library; looking through some lovely books and choosing which books they wanted to take home to read with parents.

Gardening at Queen's Kindergarten
Karen Kilkenny

The Kindergarten children have enjoyed exploring the new additions to their garden this week. They have played in the sand pit and mud kitchen and planted flowers in the flower bed. Great work everyone!

Queen's Kindergarten: New Outdoor Area
Karen Kilkenny

The new EYFS grassed area is looking lovely. The children and staff can’t wait to start using it next week!

Kindergarten plant cress
Karen Kilkenny

The Kindergarten children have been busy planting some cress. They spoke about planting them and how they have to water them so they can grow big and strong. The children are very excited to see the outcome of the cress and watch it grow!

Kindergarten Painting and Colour Mixing
Karen Kilkenny

In Kindergarten we have been busy making lots of different marks in paint using different objects and having a go at colour mixing. 

Kindergarten have fun with Motor Movers
Karen Kilkenny

We are really enjoying our ‘Motor Movers’ sessions each day with Mrs Duston and have seen a lot of improvement with how the children listen to instructions.  We are even featured on the Motor Movers Facebook page.

Fun-filled Outdoor Messy Play in the Sun
Karen Kilkenny

The Kindergarten the children have really enjoyed getting outside in the lovely weather and mark making this week. They have drawn lots of different shapes, lines and also tried doing some letters from names, “D for Daddy, G for Granny”.

Kindergarten combine PE and Maths
Karen Kilkenny

This week we focused on maths and physical activities.  We looked at amounts, counting and shapes and we counted some of our favourite toys from cars to dinosaurs along with ducks.

Kindergarten take photos around campus
Karen Kilkenny

The Kindergarten children really enjoyed taking photos using their very own camera when they went for a walk around the QE campus.  They all really enjoyed taking turns and sharing the camera and they took some amazing photos.

Chapter House Early Years Judged ‘Outstanding’ by Schools Inspectorate
Leona Marshall

Staff and children at Chapter House school are celebrating this week after the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) judged their Early Years provision as ‘Outstanding’ across all areas, praising the 'excellent care and learning experiences that the setting provides’.

Kindergarten learn other culture through food
Karen Kilkenny

This week the Peter Rabbits have enjoyed celebrating all of our different cultures. We have really enjoyed tasting food from around the world and ‘researching’ about where the different foods come from.

Kindergarten play with playdough
Karen Kilkenny

This week, we've enjoyed mark making in Playdough, enjoying the sunnier weather, playing in the park and going on walks to see the chickens. We have enjoyed our multi-skills lesson with the PE staff completing lots of different obstacle courses, playing hide and seek with our friends as well as having our first ‘Motor Movers’ lesson with Jo. The children listened and followed instructions beautifully.

Kindergarten discuss babies and siblings
Karen Kilkenny

This week in Peter Rabbit, we have been very busy with lots of smiles.  We have been looking at our baby pictures and we have spoken about our families and our siblings. We've also enjoyed playing outside.

Kindergarten enjoy Red Nose Day 2019
Karen Kilkenny

Red Nose Day was great fun this week.  The children came to school dressed in red and completed ‘silly’ activities.

Kindergarten enjoy World Book Day 2019
Karen Kilkenny

The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed dressing up and reading lots of books as part of our World Book Day celebrations this week.

Kindergarten enjoy chocolate-themed messy play
Karen Kilkenny

The Jemima Puddle-Duck children have been creating their own farmyard scenes with chocolate mousse and vegetables.  It got a little messy!

Kindergarten enjoy exploring the ice
Karen Kilkenny

The weather this week has given the Kindergarten children the perfect opportunity to explore changes in weather and seasons.The children from Peter Rabbit’s really enjoyed exploring the ice that we found in the playground. The children enjoyed dropping the ice onto the floor and seeing what happened to it. We then carefully walked over the ice to see if it would crack – we discovered it was very slippy and we have to be careful walking over it.

Kindergarten Learn New Skills
Karen Kilkenny

The babies have come back after Christmas showing off their new tricks, lots are now walking, while the older children have enjoyed making sounds with the musical instruments.

Kindergarten enjoy snowman biscuits
Karen Kilkenny

The children in Kindergarten have really enjoyed making melting snowman biscuits this week. They had fun spreading the icing sugar around the biscuits and they also enjoyed eating some of the biscuits as well! They were all very happy with the end result of their melting snowmen.

Kindergarten Pirates Role Play
Karen Kilkenny

This week in Peter Rabbit room, the children made their own train to go to the beach, to make lots of sandcastles, play with the water and eat lots of yummy food.

Kindergarten Enjoy Children in Need
Karen Kilkenny

This week our Kindergarten children raised £240 for Children in Need by making key rings, dressing up in Pudsey clothes and running a parents’ competition. 

Kindergarten Bathe Babies
Karen Kilkenny

The children in Jemima Puddle-Duck room had a great time bathing their babies this week – we don’t know who was wetter… the children or the babies!

Finalist in Art Competition
Karen Kilkenny

One of the Kindergarten children has secured a place in the finals of the ‘Mini Me Card Co’ National Christmas 2018 art competition. His artwork will now be judged by a professional artist to decide the overall winners across the UK. Well done!

School Birthday Celebrations
Karen Kilkenny

Key Stage 1 and EYFS had an amazing day celebrating the School Birthday! They all made a party hat and a chocolate lolly before enjoying sticky buns at break time which were delicious.

Kindergarten play with mud kitchen
Karen Kilkenny

There was more excellent ‘Planning in the Moment’ in Kindergarten this week.  The children in the Squirrel Nutkins room love messy play! They had great fun mixing glitter into the flour using lolly pop sticks. The children in Jemima Puddle-Duck room love to play with the toy vehicles so they decided to do lots of fun activities with them. They took them outside to the construction area, saw what tread marks they made in flour and read stories about different vehicles!

Kindergarten learn about textures
Karen Kilkenny

The Kindergarten children in Peter Rabbit room, have being looking at and chatting about different textured items today. They sorted them into the correct circles according to their textures and then the children took it upon themselves to put the shells to their ears and listen to the sea. This led on to them chatting about the sea and if they have been to the seaside with their families – ‘Planning in the Moment’ at its finest!

Kindergarten play ball games
Karen Kilkenny

Peter Rabbits and Jemima Puddle-Ducks spent over an hour engaged in kicking and throwing the balls and playing group games one morning this week! We also sat for a bit and sang some well-loved nursery rhymes.

Kindergarten enjoy new multi-skills PE session
Karen Kilkenny

The children really enjoyed our new multi skills lesson with the PE staff this week.  We worked on ball skills, rolling it to and from our friends, and walking like monsters, superheroes and princesses.  We had lots of fun in our session led by Melissa and cannot wait until next time!

Kindergarten have fun colour mixing with paint
Karen Kilkenny

The children got very messy in Kindergarten this week; we did some colour mixing, we discussed about the colours we could see and what would happen if we mixed them all together or if we added some white to the mixture. We also looked at number and shape recognition; the children were able to say what number they could see and really enjoyed looking at and drawing circles.

Kindergarten enjoy a shape hunt
Karen Kilkenny

We went on a shape hunt this week; the children loved searching for all the different shapes. We then went on to talk about all the different shapes we could see around the room.

Kindergarten outdoor group activity
Karen Kilkenny

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