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Curious About Colour
Julia Conroy

This week the children have been curious about colour following our whole school work on The Dot.

New Roles of Responsibility in Chapter House
Heather Slammon

To start the new term, the children received new roles of responsibility with Alisya being the fruit monitor, Simrah the new form captain, Isabel the new school councillor and Beatrice, Felicity and Olivia being breaktime buddies. They voted democratically to appoint the new form captain.

Nursery One Day Creative Workshop
Karen Kilkenny

EYFS and KS1 have enjoyed a day with One Day Creative today taking part in a drama workshop based on Jack and The Beanstalk.

Making Gingerbread Men
Karen Kilkenny

Our busy, little children have been very excited by the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’ this week. 

New Names and New Routines!
Karen Kilkenny

A very big welcome to all the children in EYFS. We have spent the first two days getting used to new faces, new names and new routines!

Can't Believe the Last Week is Here!
Karen Kilkenny

It is hard to believe that this is our last week at school.  When you look back through this news page it is quite amazing to see what a busy year we have had and how much all the children have grown! 

Karen Kilkenny

This is always an exciting and much looked forward to week in EYFS as it is our Summer Trip. Fasten your belts and off to Hesketh Farm Park we go…

Interesting Visit From a Pilot
Karen Kilkenny

We all really enjoyed our visit from Mr Hill this week.  He came to tell us all about being a pilot… 

Learning About Meat
Karen Kilkenny

Following a question from a little boy about cows, we have been learning what we get from different animals. 

Let's Build a Town from Blocks
Karen Kilkenny

Following the sunny weather and the children enjoying playing and learning outside, they decided to build their own complex of a swimming pool, café, shop and carpark. 

Practising Phonics
Karen Kilkenny

Throughout the week the children have been practising all of their phonic knowledge of letters and sounds.  The children are all working at different phases of ‘Letters and Sounds’ and are very proud of their achievements, applying the knowledge that they have gained.

Programming Beet Bots
Karen Kilkenny

The children have really enjoyed working with Mr Campbell learning how to programme ‘Dash’ using the interactive whiteboard and also an iPad. 

Doctors and Nurses Role Play
Karen Kilkenny

Mrs Schofield has got a poorly knee so the children decided that they would turn into doctors and nurses and would make it all better!!

Bake Sale for Comic Relief
Karen Kilkenny

Red Nose Day preparations got underway this week with EYFS baking ready for selling to people around the site.  We raised £101 for Comic Relief through selling our cakes.

Making Pancakes for Pancake Day
Karen Kilkenny

Pancake Day was upon us and as is traditional in EYFS we celebrate in style!  The children enjoyed making the batter and then tossing the cooked pancakes. 

Nursery Make Coffee and Tea in Their Role Play Cafe
Karen Kilkenny

This week the children have continued along the theme of a café having our very own tea shop! 

Visiting our Apple Cafe
Karen Kilkenny

What a lovely time we had visiting our Apple Café.  The children enjoyed taking orders and then preparing the food to be served!  We looked on google for a recipe to make smoothies, so made a shopping list and will make some smoothies another day!

Role Play Train Journey
Karen Kilkenny

Following the children setting up chairs to make a train we had a lovely afternoon on our ‘train’. 

Problem Solving and Ice
Karen Kilkenny

We had great fun trying to break the ice surrounding our penguins and dinosaur bones!!  We tried lots of different ways of doing it but the hairdryer seemed best!!  Hot water was also suggested which worked well.  We then learnt some great scientific words.

Learning to Tell the Time
Karen Kilkenny

As part of our Maths Magic Moments the children have begun to learn to tell the time.  They have been finding out about ‘O’ clock and half past the hour, they tried to use their own mini clocks to make the correct time!

Healthy Eating Tasting Session
Karen Kilkenny

This week one of the chefs came to see us to show us a large range of healthy foods.  The children were very brave trying all sorts of different things.

Enjoying the Investigation Area
Karen Kilkenny

Happy New Year to everyone!!  This week in the investigation area the children found some really big pipettes that they enjoyed using, transferring water from one container to another. 

Visiting Santa's Little Elves in the Kitchen Garden
Karen Kilkenny

With 19 sleeps to go it was time to go and visit Santa’s little elves in the kitchen garden that had become a grotto thanks to Year 7 children!!  After all we needed to go and post our letters…

Decorating for Christmas
Karen Kilkenny

With Christmas fast approaching it was time to begin putting up our decorations!  The children have made some lovely baubles for the tree so they proudly put them on it.

Introduction to Fractions with Cakes
Karen Kilkenny

As part of our numeracy work this week, we have been learning how to double and halve numbers and to also halve and quarter shapes. 

Baking, Sharing and Thank You Cards
Karen Kilkenny

Mrs Young and her class made us some lovely chocolate krispies this week – so we wrote some cards to say thank you! 

School Birthday Celebrations
Karen Kilkenny

Key Stage 1 and EYFS had an amazing day celebrating the School Birthday! They all made a party hat and a chocolate lolly before enjoying sticky buns at break time which were delicious.

Learning About Listening with Peas
Karen Kilkenny

It is very important that we learn to listen carefully – this not only helps with learning to read and write but also to know that we can hear and follow instructions!! 

Construction Time in the Sun
Karen Kilkenny

We have had great fun using the outside construction area in this beautiful weather.  Our building skills are second to none – the Leaning Tower of Pisa seems an appropriate comparison.  We worked well together as a team, sharing the tools.

Team Ninja Training
Karen Kilkenny

Training to join TEAM NINJA!!  The children enjoyed lessons in a variety of challenges set by one of the boys in order for them to be able to join his team!

Counting with Conkers
Karen Kilkenny

The children have been learning how to recognise numbers to 5, 10 or 20.  They have been gaining confidence in counting and making their own number lines using conkers!

Dressing Up as Doctors and Nurses
Karen Kilkenny

In the EYFS we have enjoyed playing doctors and nurses! Thankfully the children were not too poorly and thanks to our fantastic medical skills all made a good recovery and were allowed home!

One Day Creative Drama Workshop
Karen Kilkenny

This week we have enjoyed a visit from One Day Creative, who provided us with a fabulous workshop of drama and movement. We all dressed up as pirates and had a great day full of fun and mischief…

School Hosts a Right Royal Knees Up!
Nidhi Sangani

Students at Chapter House - Queen Ethelburga’s nursery, infant and junior school - have celebrated ahead of the Royal wedding this weekend with a spectacular garden party of their own.