Chapter House Boarding

Chapter House Boarding is a caring, family-like environment, with experienced staff to support the children. It's a place where friendships are made and each child is respected and valued, giving them every opportunity to flourish, develop their independence and become confident individuals.

Day students are welcome to join in the many and varied weekend activities on offer such as trips on the Santa train, roller discos and visits to the local trampoline park.

Chapter House Enjoy Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Boarding Information

Boarding Staff and Contact Details

Boarding Staff
Senior House Tutor: Mrs Day
House Tutors:  Miss Moore, Mr Harmon, Miss De Barras

Contact Details
Office phone number:  (+44) 01423 334311
Chapter House mobile: (+44) 07599 276655

Postal Address for Students
Pupil’s Name
Chapter House Boarder
Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate
Thorpe Underwood Hall
YO26 9SS

Boarding House Routine

House Routine: A Typical Day in Boarding

6:50 am The children are woken up by staff and then get up and get dressed ready for breakfast. They make their own bed, tidy their rooms, clean teeth, wash faces and prepare everything for school. This includes sports kit, musical instruments and anything else they may need for the day.
7:30 am We all go to breakfast together, which is served in the Undercroft. Children sit with their house staff and, when everyone is finished, we walk over to school together.
4:00 pm  Prep is completed in school, where the boarding and academic staff are there to help children. They do a session of reading to staff, their set prep and then silent reading. If they have any difficulties, there are teachers on hand to help.
5:00 pm Supper is served in the Undercroft followed by returning to house to change out of school uniform, ready to attend their chosen evening activities.
5:30 pm This is free time for the children to play with their friends outside or in house, do activities and games or have some chill time.
7:00 pm Time for phone calls from home or 10 minutes Face Timing, showering and getting things ready for the next day. We also have our snack then where students can have milk and toast and it’s chocolate spread on Friday and Saturday! Please make sure your child is aware of phone call times from home so they can be in their rooms ready for the phone call.
8:00 pm

In this time, children go to their own rooms to settle in for bedtime. Teeth are brushed and uniform is checked for the following day. Lights out is at 8.15pm for younger students to 8:30 pm for older students. On weekends, lights out is 8:45pm for younger students and 9:00pm for older students.


Chapter House has leadership initiatives such as our boarding council members, prefect programme and duty positions around house.

Buying Uniform for Boarders

Boarding staff are happy to liaise with the uniform shop in order to get the best fitting uniform for your child. We will take measurements in house and place orders with parental consent. Please be aware boarding staff will not place any orders without prior agreement from parents and we require direct contact from you in regards to this. If you would like to contact the shop to arrange appointments or with any uniform questions, their email address is:

Boarding initiatives

Chapter House has leadership initiatives such as our boarding council members, prefect programme and duty positions around house.

Co-curricular Activities

Year 2 Lunchtime Clubs

The children will get the chance to learn creative and imaginative dances to music.

Mindfulness Colouring
All children within Chapter House are welcome to gather once a week to take part in mindfulness colouring activities. The children can mix socially as well as enjoying some relaxation time. Relaxing music is played whilst the children think and talk to their peers.

KS1 Choir
A choir for all KS1 students in which students learn to sing a variety of fun songs which can be performed in assembly.

Nature Club
Year 2 and 3 children are invited to join Nature Club. The children will explore the different areas around school and learn about the different plants and animals that live there while using their knowledge and skills in Art and Science.

Parachute Club
Children are welcome to join in this fun club using the parachute to play a variety of games. Parachute games encourage cooperative, non-competitive play and reinforce turn-taking and sharing. Playing with the parachute also strengthens shoulder, arm and hand muscles. (This club can accommodate a maximum of 12 children, so it may be split into 2 groups.)

Recorder Club
This club is to enable those children that enjoy learning to play the recorder some dedicated fun time to explore different pieces of music.


Year 2 After School Clubs

Gardening Club
Gardening Club is a fantastic opportunity for the children to attend a weekly session in the QE community garden where they are joined by the kitchen staff who teach them all about how food gets from the ground to our plates! They tend to the gardening plots, see the chickens and plant produce ready for the harvest in the Autumn term.

For dates and times, please visit the co-curricular tab on our Enrichment page.

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