Queen's Arts Academy

Our Queen's Academy Visual Arts Summer Workshop is an exciting new addition to our Summer Camps Programme for 2021. Students can expand their creative arts skills and learn new techniques with our specialist creative arts teachers. 

Arts Club is a week’s worth of events suitable for those in Key Stage 3 and is designed to give an exciting introduction to different parts of art and design students may not have encountered before. 


For students with a love of creative arts or for those who want to try something new this summer, our Queen's Academy offers a unique opportunity to hone their skills in Visual Arts.

Art Club (ages 9 - 13) 

9 - 13 August | 9am - 4pm daily 

Day 1: Fine Art (including forest school activities) 

Young artists will take part in some wellbeing boosting and creatively inspiring forest school activities in our beautiful grounds here at Queen Ethelburga’s. Students will be encouraged to sketch and photograph their natural surroundings before using this inspiration back in the classroom for a mini botanical art project. Artists will be introduced to drawing techniques with pencil, pen, paint and collage. Students will be introduced to some relevant artists and begin to understand how we can incorporate existing styles into their fine art pieces. 

Day 2: Graphic Design and Illustration 

Day 2 will start by designers finding inspiration in a typography treasure hunt around our grounds. Students will be encouraged to sketch and photograph before using this inspiration back in the classroom ready for a mini book cover project. Designers will be introduced to design and illustration techniques using traditional media and Adobe Spark/Photoshop. Students will look at existing books and discuss the different styles before putting their new skills to use in their own book cover design for their favourite existing book! 

Day 3: Fashion and Textiles 

On Day 3, our young fashion designers will learn about the design process through drawing and research activities, before embarking on learning essential sewing construction skills such as seams, zips, and hems, as well as techniques such as tie-dye and surface pattern. These skills will provide students the skills needed to make their own fabric fashion accessory to take away and keep!

Day 4: Photography 

Photographers will start their workshop by learning about basic camera skills. These will be applied in photoshoots exploring objects both natural and manmade. A guided photo walk will provide students with a great opportunity to gather some imaginative imagery. Photographers will look at some basic digital editing but also get chance to make a photogram and a cyanotype (sunprint) to take away and keep. 

Day 5: 3D Sculpture 

The 3D group will start the day with a sculpture trail in the grounds of QE to inspire the 3D construction experiments back in the classroom. Inspired by the theme ‘birds, bugs and beasts’, students will be introduced to techniques in wire, paper  and mod roc to make their own 3D animal to collect and keep at the end of the workshop. 

Day (non-residential): £200 per child, per week 
This includes lunch, snacks and wrap-around care (8am-9am and 4pm-5pm each day).

Residential - £500 per child, per week
This includes Sunday to Friday boarding and all meals, snacks and evening activities.