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What our students say

  • I think one of the biggest changes has been to the little children's play area.
  • I really like it when we get someone new joining us because it is exciting making new friends.
  • I think the teachers are great. If I am not feeling well I only have to talk to Mr Herbert and he would help.
  • I would really like to be a boarder so that I can spend even more time on campus.
  • We tend to be really active in class, making things, asking questions and getting things to help understand.
  • I love the excellent sports pitches and the different games that we play.
  • I like the firm but fair teachers the great facilities. I've made lots of good friends since starting at Chapter House.
  • My lasting memories of QE will be playing in the school rugby team and winning!.
  • I love being in the Faculty and being able to create my own learning experience.
  • We have great sports facilities and many practices and opportunities for professional coaching.

In recent years we have seen a pleasing increase in the numbers of boys and girls living with us during term time. In the last seven years the number of children boarding with us has doubled.

Since I came here I am doing better in class, I have lots of friends and I'm having fun.

Boy boarder aged 17 years

Our boarding is thought by many to be the very best and highest quality there is, in the UK and even Europe. For the past eighty years we have successfully cared for children living at the Collegiate.

Pick a Testimonial

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Chido Kanyoka

I like this school because it is easy to make friends and at boarding it is like one big family.

Year 5

Sam Clements

Every year they build something new for us to enjoy like the Woodlands Playground.

Year 5

Max Collins

In school the clubs are fun. The facilities are great and so we can train for upcoming matches. In the boarding house the beds are really comfy and very warm.

Year 5

Elliot Bell

The College offers a fantastic enrichment programme and without doubt my social skills have improved due to all the opportunities on offer. The teachers are so keen to encourage you so that you get the very best grades.

Year 13

Anfisa Eliseeva

Studying here will help me to get into a good university and will provide opportunities for my future life and career.

Year 13

John Lau - Former College student who went to Cambridge in September 2012:

Throughout my whole time at Queen Ethelburga's I was supported and guided by my teachers to achieve the best results and now I am looking at a future at one of the world's best universities – Cambridge.

Year 13

Matthew Hampson

I like King's Magna because we do lots of sports and we play against other schools. My favourite bit is playing rugby and boarding because we do lots of great activities on and off site. Having been in this school for two years I haven't experienced any homesickness because all of my house parents have been loving and friendly and like a second family because I know them so well.

Year 8

Will Blackmore

The best thing about King's Magna is the opportunities – they range from fencing to Maths Mania and Choir. Secondly the school starts to give you more freedom and independence so you are ready for the journey to adulthood.

Year 6

Lily Woodman

I like lots of things in King's Magna but I will try and only list the top five. Number one is independence because you have got two playgrounds, a skate park and the fountain. Secondly the good range of clubs like trampolining, gymnastics and drama. I also like the lessons because they are more challenging and fun. The fourth thing is the library which has lots of books to choose from. Last but not least I like my class because it is quite small so the teacher can come to you if you are stuck.

Year 6

Kieran Pryce-Jones

I like the balance in King's Magna of playing and learning. I like the freedom, the facilities and the friendships.

Year 7

Heather Bowmer

I enjoy being at QE because I have been given the opportunity to study courses which I may not have been able to study at other colleges. I have also been given the chance to gain work experience within the school. For example I wish to study to be a primary school teacher and I have been allowed to assist teachers of younger pupils. I have gained great experience from doing this.

Year 13

Megan Lashbrook

Last year I took part in a Sports Leaders initiative where we helped coach and encourage younger members of the school. Not only did it teach me leadership skills but it helped me appreciate what skillsets our own teachers have in order to communicate with and educate our younger pupils.

Year 12

Jake Somerville

You cannot miss the fact that we have got excellent sports facilities at QE and alongside that some of the best coaching and sports teaching.

Year 12

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Explore Our School

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As soon as you arrive with us you sense that, compared with other schools, here is somewhere special, friendly and pleasingly different. Our campus is exceptional.