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School Fees

Our fees have always represented exceptional value for money. For many who thought paying for an independent schooling was beyond them our fee structure makes it more than affordable, with our day rates the most cost effective around. And if you pay a lump sum in advance you could make it even cheaper

You can also pay by 10 monthly direct debit payments to commence in September. There is no additional charge for this.

3 terms a year. The cost quoted is for one term or paid monthly. Fees valid Sept 2018 until June 2019.

You can pay by Cheque or Bank Transfer, Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

You are required to give one full term’s notice to leave or you will be charged for a full term’s fees.

We also accept Childcare Vouchers.
King's Magna Middle School
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Year 6 £4,050 £1,215 £11,720 £3,516
Year 7 £4,860 £1,458 £11,720 £3,516
Year 8 £4,860 £1,458 £11,720 £3,516
Year 9 £4,860 £1,458 £11,720 £3,516
Fees per term - 3 terms per year
International Boarding Fees for overseas students
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Save up to £24,000 on School Fees

You can, if you wish, make payment of all, or part, of the School fees by means of a lump sum advance payment. In this way you can save substantial amounts of money. Please ask for details.

What does the "Advance Fee Payment" provide?

It secures fees at a given rate per term for anything normally between one year and three years. The arrangement can just be for the basic fees or it can be wider, at your choice, to include other things such as extras. The further ahead you pre-pay fees for, the bigger the "discount" given. There is no minimum or maximum period.

Can the "Advance Fee Payment" be repaid?

If a child leaves the school prematurely we simply re-work the calculation for the period they have been with us and you are refunded the balance. To this will be added simple interest (at the rate notified when the contract was signed) for each complete year since the date of payment. It is important, that proper notice must have been given, otherwise one term's fees may be deducted from the refund; also, any fees / extras outstanding at the time will be deducted from the refund.

What sort of "discounts" can I expect?

For example a child who is a boarder, starting in Year 7 and going through to complete Year 13, you could possibly expect to save anything up to £24,000 compared to what you might expect to pay in total, paying one term at a time.

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