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Queen Ethelburga's Faculty Leavers' Destinations

Here at Queen Ethelburga's we believe in getting the very best out of each individual, and some time ago we realised that some people do not do well in the purely academic classroom. The Faculty was set up for people who have a more practical approach to life and delivers more of our vocational BTEC courses.

University Destinations for Faculty Leavers - 2016-2017

Of students who went to QS Top 20, Prestigious Universities or Russell/Former 1994 Group - % Split

13% students to (QS) Top 20 World University Rankings

University College, London (UCL) Imperial College, London
King's College London University of Edinburgh

15% Students to prestigious universities

Central Saint Martin's London City University, London

72% students to the following Russell/Former 1994 Group universities

University of Manchester University of Exeter
University of Durham University of Sheffield
University of Leeds University of Newcastle
University of Bristol University of York
Royal Holloway, University of London University of Bath
University of Warwick University of Essex
University of Lancaster University of Leicester
University of Sussex University of Liverpool
Queen Mary, University of London University of Surrey
University of Reading University of Nottingham
University of Cardiff Loughborough University

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Explore Our School

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As soon as you arrive with us you sense that, compared with other schools, here is somewhere special, friendly and pleasingly different. Our campus is exceptional.