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Introduction and Curriculum

Our innovative curriculum supports our students in their aim to achieve the highest possible academic standards. Differentiation provides all of our learners, including our most able, with the opportunity to work towards demanding yet achievable academic targets; personalising the provision for each individual student to meet their needs.

Technology also plays a part in supporting learning, with our curriculum providing dedicated lessons in Computing and coding skills. Technology is not used for its own sake, but to improve the learning and efficiency of our students so that they can take advantage of the benefits that it brings. Our classrooms are equipped with iPads, laptops, smartboards and Raspberry Pi computers to the very latest specifications.

At this age, the development of core skills is always the most important area of the curriculum, and for this reason we set aside a large amount of time during the week to improve skills in reading, writing and numeracy. Frequent assessments allow us to target areas where our students require further support and practice and lessons are reviewed constantly to ensure that they are focusing on the areas of greatest need for each of our individual students, so that they can achieve the highest possible standards.

All other areas of the curriculum, including Music, Sport, Drama, Humanities and Personal Development; are taught where possible through the use of projects focusing on one or more areas. This supports our students in understanding the value of these subjects in real life, through practical examples and practical achievements when working through the relevant topic. It is typical in many British schools that students feel that there is no practical use for the subjects that they learn in school, and it is this myth that we seek to dispel, by ensuring that there can be no doubt as to the use of the subjects that our Chapter House students learn.

All of the this is designed to meet our aim of ensuring that our Chapter House students transfer into King’s Magna with a love for learning, having achieved high academic standards and having developed a strong foundation for future study. It is for this reason that our Chapter House students are amongst our most successful students many years later, when they complete their sixth form qualifications and move on to some of the very best universities.

Baseline scores taken from tests administered by the world renowned University of Durham, suggest that a significant proportion of our students in Chapter House have ability in one or more core skills which would mean they are regarded as gifted or able. Furthermore, many of our students have high level skills in diverse areas such as, music, athletics, performing arts, basketball, football, public speaking, art and languages. These students are regarded as talented.

Given our responsibility to ensure that all of these abilities and skills are supported and nurtured, we ensure not only that our lessons provide challenge to our most gifted, talented and able students, but that our activities and enrichment programmes support these skills in turn. Our professional sports coaches, highly qualified teaching and peripatetic staff and our links with other professional organisations in the local community, allow us to go well beyond what would be expected in most independent schools. Whilst maintaining our core standards of education for all students at all times, we aim for all of our Gifted, Talented and Able students to join King’s Magna with the ability they require to further develop their skills and talents to the highest possible standards.

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Explore Our School

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As soon as you arrive with us you sense that, compared with other schools, here is somewhere special, friendly and pleasingly different. Our campus is exceptional.