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Awards & Scholarships

The Collegiate Charitable Foundation.

Every year scholarships and bursary awards are provided to families. All awards are discretionary.
QE Academic Scholarships honour outstanding ability and are assessed on an individual basis.
QE Sports scholarships are also assessed on an individual basis.
QE has a long standing relationship with the British Forces and offers Forces families a reduction in fees.

Please note: Scholarships and Awards are not currently available to international students. All Awards are made at the discretion of the Collegiate Charitable Foundation.

Sixth Form Academic
(Day or Boarding)
Awarded based on GCSE results
As demand is high, please contact us early if your child is predicted to achieve a minimum of:
(1) 9 Grade 8/9
DAY up to 100% Fees - BOARDING up to 100% Fees.

(2) 8 Grade 8/9 and 1 Grade 7
DAY up to 80% Fees - BOARDING up to 80% Fees.

(3) 7 Grade 8/9 and 2 Grade 7
DAY up to 60% Fees - BOARDING up to 40% Fees.

(4) 6 Grade 8/9 and 3 Grade 7
DAY up to 40% Fees - BOARDING up to 20% Fees.

Day Scholarships - students living within the area covered by our School Bus service area.

Worth up to £74,000


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