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About the Collegiate

Principal's Welcome

At Queen Ethelburga’s we offer our students a vast array of opportunities, enabling them to pursue their particular interests and aspirations. We have a unique offering here at QE. We have four individual schools, with their own heads and staff teams, that are small enough to maintain a family atmosphere. This allows staff to know their students thoroughly and successfully guide them through each stage of their formative years.

Good education is about building strong and productive relationships between teachers and students, and amongst students themselves. Our results are testament to this approach, with both the College and Faculty established amongst the top schools in the country.

We are also here to support our students in developing into mature young adults. We wish them to be confident without being arrogant, friendly but not familiar, relaxed but not casual and have the courage to live by sound moral and social values.

We work to ensure that QE parents are kept informed and have the opportunity to be closely involved in the educational journey of their children. It is important to their success and happiness.

It has been hugely rewarding to help build this inclusive and busy community, based on high standards, mutual support and respect. I firmly believe it gives students the confidence to develop wider interests, decide what they enjoy and what fulfils them, and understand what will make them successful in the future.

We are very proud of what has been achieved at QE, particularly over recent years, and would invite you to come and see first-hand what makes QE so special.

Collegiate Principal,
Steven Jandrell

Why Choose QE?

Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate comprises four schools and a kindergarten, each with its unique qualities, but all sharing a common purpose of providing students with a first class education and the opportunity to work towards higher education and a successful career. There are strong academic standards across the Foundation and students are encouraged to have high expectations for their achievement and career prospects. There is a very wide curriculum available, which enables students to pursue their individual interests and aspirations across a range of fields, alongside a vast array of extra-curricular opportunities which enable students to widen their experience and gain both skills and confidence. Visitors to QE often remark on the productive and cheerful atmosphere that pervades and the purposefulness of the pupils as they enjoy the considerable opportunities that the environment provides. We welcome you to come and see for yourself what makes our pupils so successful.

The schools that make up the Collegiate

  • The Queen's Kindergarten

    For young children from 3 months to 3 years of age, the Kindergarten provides a nurturing environment where babies and toddlers can begin to systematically investigate the world around them.

  • Chapter House Junior School

    For boys and girls from 3 to 10 years of age, Chapter House lays the foundations of a good education with a strong emphasis on core subjects and a stimulating, wider curriculum to excite the interests of young learners.

  • King's Magna Middle School

    For students from 10 to 14, King's Magna seeks to maintain the joy of learning by providing a wide and interesting curriculum pursued with a high level of focus, whilst also introducing a comprehensive range of activities and leadership opportunities.

  • Queen Ethelburga's College

    For students from 14 to 19, the College follows a traditional curriculum of GCSEs and A levels for students who are looking for pace and academic rigour, and who have high aspirations for university, either in the UK or abroad.

  • The Faculty of Queen Ethelburga's

    For students from 14 to 19, the Faculty offers a wider curriculum, including academic, creative and vocational options, for those who are looking for a more individual approach to course selection and a supportive environment in which to learn. At KS4 students study GCSE in the core subjects but can choose from a range of GCSEs and BTECs along side these. In the sixth form, students can study A level, BTEC or a combination of both from a wide range on offer.

Explore Our School

Explore Our School

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As soon as you arrive with us you sense that, compared with other schools, here is somewhere special, friendly and pleasingly different. Our campus is exceptional.